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Pearl So

Photo of Pearl So

Hong Kong, China

WorldSkills São Paulo 2015

Competing in:
Visual Merchandising and Window Dressing

Champions Trust Regional Representative for Asia 

When did you know that your skill lit a spark in you that other professions didn't?
The moment when I was worrying about my future path after graduate in high school, I took a look at what I usually do in my free time, what was the most enjoyable time spent for me. Then I connected visual merchandising with my childhood passion of drawing, that is something people around me cannot do as well as I can, and I actually love doing that which makes me special, so I pursued exhibition design.

What is your favourite WorldSkills memory?
Outside of the Competition, my favourite WorldSkills memory is the excursion day before the Competition in WorldSkills São Paulo 2015. I remember the impressive moment is when I first saw different Competitors greeting each other in the park, I started to think about how we are all strangers from all around the world, but we are all together at the same time at the same place because of SKILLS. That was when I realized how amazing WorldSkills is.

Why is being part of WorldSkills important after your Competition is over?
WorldSkills is more than Competition for me, I would describe WorldSkills as a library full of inspirational story books. Each of us has our own inspirational story to share, I believe the power of everyone connected to WorldSkills could impact and inspire other lives in the world, tell the world how important skills are in life. This is what I am doing now as part of the WorldSkills Champions Trust.

What would you tell your 12-year-old self about your future?
It is important to discover your hobby, interest, and natural talents now. Keep following your passion and someday you will be able to turn your passion into your profession. It is amazing because choosing a profession you love means you will never work a day in your life.
What do you want senior policy makers to know about skilled jobs and skilled professionals?
To help the young people learn the possibility pathways for their future career earlier, it will change their whole life. That’s why it is important to enhance articulation opportunities about vocational and professional education for high school students, like providing the industrial skill training opportunities for apprentices, then attract the young people to join the skill industries. The key is to let the youth understand their strength and interest can be turned into their own skilled jobs and skilled professionals in the future.

Skills helped me to create my career path and gave me the passion and confidence to participate in it. Skills have totally changed my life, now I want to use my position to help others and improve our world with the global power of skills.

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