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How to become a Global Industry Partner of WorldSkills

A Global Industry Partner primarily sponsors WorldSkills International to support the promotion and achievement of its mission and objectives. In return, the Global Industry Partner receives the various benefits as outlined in an agreement. WorldSkills International views the Global Industry Partner Agreement as a partnership that will evolve through dialogue and working together towards common objectives. It is important to note that the Global Industry Partners will get exposure at the WorldSkills Competitions through the WorldSkills Leaders Forum, but they can work with the WorldSkills Competition Host Member to participate in the Event Sponsorship Program that they are offering to gain increased exposure at the WorldSkills Competition.

The Agreement is valid for two years from the date of signing. At the conclusion of the Agreement, the Global Industry Partner will be offered the option of entering a new Agreement based on the then current Global Industry Partner package offered by WorldSkills International.

Aim of Global Industry Partnerships

The aim of Global Industry Partnerships with WorldSkills International is to have a mutually beneficial relationship. The Global Industry Partners work closely with WorldSkills International to achieve both party's missions and objectives. WorldSkills International would like to work individually with each Global Industry Partner to ensure customized benefits and objectives are met for both parties. In order to work together towards the common objectives, WorldSkills International has a Memorandum of Understanding with each Global Industry Partner.

Objectives of the Global Industry Partners

  1. invest funds and resources in WorldSkills International for the development of infrastructure and tools to achieve common aims consistent with the social, philanthropic and commercial objectives of Global Industry Partner's companies
  2. communicate the current and future needs and best practices of business and industry worldwide to the stakeholders' forum within WorldSkills International
  3. help develop business and industry awareness and promote involvement in the WorldSkills International mission
  4. contribute to the development and execution of the overall sponsor strategy


For further information or to talk about becoming a Global Industry Partner please contact:

Alexander Amiri 
Sponsorship and Partnership Director
WorldSkills International