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Chirag Goel

Photo of Chirag Goel


WorldSkills São Paulo 2015

Competing in:
Web Design

Champions Trust Regional Representative for Asia (Armenia, Bangladesh, India, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, and Asia)

An opportunity to “make magic every day” led Chirag into the world of web design.

From the age of twelve he’s been fascinated by computers and programming and how they enable people to solve problems. In his words, “I was constantly awestruck at the potential magic a computer could make. Today as a developer I think of myself as a problem-solver. Every time I write a programme it helps solve a problem in someone’s life and that feeling keeps me driving to pursue this profession.”

Now Chirag says he wants to use his time in the Champions Trust to help other people realize their dreams through the code he writes everyday. “Our number one priority is to help others. We work to develop projects and ideas to impact their lives and encourage more young people to join trades. Skills are our lives. From the automobile we drive and the furniture we sit on to the beautiful invitation cards and the cakes we eat with the cherry on top – everything requires skilled individuals.”

“We have one common goal which is to improve the world with the power of skills.”

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